To love is so startling it leaves… ” one unsure of how to proceed” replied Oliver, “I want some more”. But it is not love I want to talk about. Have thou all heard about Google’s docs demo? The purpose of it is to show how marvelous it is to use for collaborating with others. However, instead of collaborating with people you know, it allows you to collaborate with dead authors. In fact, they gallantly aided me in writing this blog post this evening. I must assuredly declare it is a bit disconcerting to have your words erased and changed while you are typing them by Shakespeare and Poe and Oliver Twist. Oh, as well as I paused to think just now, Charles Dickens jumped in! I wonder who else might join the summer dream beneath the tamarind tree?

Does it make my ceremoniously scribing better? No, but it is amusing to behold what my words are changed to and how they sometimes come out making little sense. They even fight each other for words. Charles Dickens just abhorrently changed “Dickinson” to “Oliver Twist.” Apparently even a creature of perish authors still have egos!


There is a word limit too I just found out as the program inserted “The End” and noted I am “quite the novelist.” heh.

You too can have fun collaborating with dead authors at Docs Demo: Masters Edition (via MobyLives)

Speaking of dead authors. I mentioned a few months ago that Willa Cather’s letter could not be published for another several years because of a ban she put on their publication in her will. Well, it turns out the will’s executor, Charles Cather, died in 2011 and the estate passed to the Willa Cather Trust and the ban on publication of her letters as well as film adaptations has been dropped. How word about this didn’t filter out long ago, I don’t know, but on April 16th The Selected Letters of Willa Cather will be published. The book contains about 566 of the approximately 3,000 known to have survived. Isn’t that all kinds of awesome? Read more about it at the New York Times.