I had the pleasure of a four-day weekend due to the Easter holiday. I had big plans. Spring cleaning! Reading! Reading! Reading! Not to mention reading! But things went awry. I managed to clean off my desk and that’s about as much beyond the usual cleaning that I could muster. And I did read but not even half as much as I wanted to. Seems like something else was always drawing my attention.

That something else was an early birthday present from Bookman. He completely surprised me with an iPad! So yeah, I spent way too much time goofing around with it. Too many games of Jewel Fever and lots of app store browsing. I’m sticking to the free apps right now, but there is a T.S. Eliot app out there with my name on it that I will get eventually. In the meantime, I have found some really wonderful and sort of weird poetry apps.

The Poetry Foundation app has all kinds of poetry. You can search but it is much more fun to tap the spin button and see what whirls up onto the screen.

The Poetry App has over 100 poems accompanied by video and audio as well as essays. I can hardly believe it’s free.

I also found a version of Poe’s “The Raven” narrated and animated. It’s not half bad.

The Paris Review has a free app that has all their author interviews and connects to their daily web content.

And then, a completely silly app called “Kitty Keats” that mashes up lines from Keats with random photos of cats. It is totally bonkers.

So here is a question for you book loving ipad people out there, what are your favorite bookish apps?