So LEGO makes these mini figures and in their new set one of the figures is a librarian! How cool would a mini LEGO Librarian be, right? Of course in the bio for the figure it is all about books and her skills are high on creativity and low on speed and in the middle for strength. I guess the LEGO folk can imagine all that book lifting makes a librarian strong but to peg us as slow? No way! With answers to find and a line of people waiting, we are quite speedy. And then there is the mug that says shhhh! on it. But at least she isn’t actively shushing so I guess that’s something.

Sadly, the mini figures are sold like trading cards and you never know what figure you are going to get in your package. There are 17 figures in the set. Theoretically, I could buy 17 of them and still not get a librarian. Bookman tells me I’ll have to wait for someone to sell the librarian on ebay. Yeah, and then see the librarian bidding war begin! Cuz you know every librarian, or a whole bunch of them at least, will want one of these. No doubt library staff rooms will be full of librarians trying to negotiate with their one or two coworkers who actually got one of the figures:

“I’ll give you a medusa, two warrior women, a sad clown, and three grandpa’s for your librarian.”

“I’ll give you all those plus two bumblebee girls!”

“Don’t listen to those two, how about I give you thirty bucks for it?”

Oh, it’s going to be so ugly. LEGO, what have you done?