I was busy drowning my sorrows in hot chocolate last night and could not bring myself to blog. It snowed hard most of the day yesterday and continued into the night. We had a brief respite and now it is snowing again. Sigh. We had a snowfall record yesterday for April 18th of 6.4 inches (16.3 cm). I asked Bookman this morning if we somehow Rip Van Winkled the spring, summer and fall and instead of April it is really December. You all would tell me the truth, right?

While drowning my sorrows in hot chocolate I also read an Edward Thomas essay full of soft breezes and green fields. And then I read a new gardening book I picked up at the library. I am growing weary of reading about green leaves and flowers though and wonder if it is too much to ask for sun and 60F (15.5C)?

The forecast is snow and rain on and off today and tonight. Saturday is supposed to be dry during the day but mostly cloudy and only 37F (2.8C) with a brutal gusty wind. Then Sunday, we are supposed to have rain and thunderstorms in the afternoon. Thunderstorms! The only consolation is it might be a balmy 50F (10C).

I generally pride myself on being a good Minnesotan and taking the weather all in stride, laughing in the face of blizzards, gawping at the funny looking green storm clouds, and making jokes about the sometimes tropical summer humidity. But c’mon weather gods! This is ridiculous! What have we done wrong? More importantly, what can we do to make amends?

There won’t be any gardening again this weekend. My only plans are more hot chocolate and reading as much as I can.

Sorry for the weather rant. I hope you have sunshine where you are and plenty of good books!