Just a quickie this evening because Bookman and I have our annual meeting with our financial advisor scheduled. She will tell us that we won’t be able to retire until we are at least eighty and that we need to save more if we want to retire sooner. We will explain that the additional funds she wants us to save in IRAs and all that is being saved in the form of books. She will tell us that books are not retirement savings as she makes a valiant effort to not roll her eyes. And we will smile indulgently and promise to make an IRA deposit by the end of the year. Then we will tell her thanks and see you next year and she will not be surprised when we don’t send a check for the IRA account. Next April we will meet again and do it all over.

So before I run off to act in our annual play, allow me to point you to the Armchair Taxonomist Challenge. The Encyclopedia of Life is looking for people to fill in taxonomies. Submissions will be reviewed by actual scientists and prizes will be awarded from a mini-library of recently published science books to a behind-the-scenes tour at the Smithsonian. Awesome, right? I’m thinking of making some submissions, perhaps in the area of plants, but I haven’t had much time to explore and decide as I have been too busy reading about gardening and actually gardening and then collapsing in a tired heap and then groaning in pain when I have to move because my gardening muscles haven’t been used since September of last year (the back of my thighs are the worst from all those squats — who needs a gym!). Get to it armchair taxonomists!