It’s so beautiful outside it seems a shame to spend much time in front of the computer, so just a quickie today.

I was really shocked to hear last week that Harper Lee filed a lawsuit in Manhattan court to regain the copyright for To Kill a Mockingbird. She claims the son-in-law of her literary agent took advantage of her failing hearing and eyesight seven years ago and got her to assign the book’s copyright over to him and a company he created. Lee is 87. I do hope she gets the copyright back and the scoundrel is made to pay reparations or something. Wouldn’t it be awesome if her attorney’s name is Atticus Finch?

And now for a little fun with typography. Another Tool for Discovering Your Favorite Letter is an interactive site that, well, you just have to go look at it and play. You might want to set a timer or something though, just in case. I discovered this little gem at Jacket 2 where you can also read a few more details about the site.

Now, go outside and play.