Have you caught a whiff of Gatsby mania? It seems everywhere I turn it’s Gatsby! Gatsby! Gatsby! For weeks the Brooks Brothers store I walk by to and from work has had a huge Gatsby poster in their window and a few mannequins wearing Gatsby suits. Of course, the women’s magazines are all gushing about Carey Mulligan’s (Daisy) costumes. The Atlantic has an article about how the costumes aren’t completely historically accurate but argues, who cares?

Kathryn Schulz has published an article in the New York Magazine about Why the Great Gatsby is overrated which prompted the Washington Post to post a defense. Even the Guardian has an article about what makes Gatsby great.

Personally, I say, ducking behind a solid barrier, I agree with Schulz. I’ve read The Great Gatsby three times and disliked it more each time. I can’t even really say why. It just makes me grind my teeth for some reason. Every few years I think maybe I should read it again and this time, this time, I would get it. But that’s how I came to read it three times in the first place. Somehow I don’t think a fourth read will make me fall in love. There comes a point where such efforts become futile and I think I reached it after the third reading.

That doesn’t mean, however, I won’t see the movie. I will wait until it comes out on DVD but I will see it. For some reason I feel like even though I don’t like the book I still might like the movie. It might be that in the translation to film, all the things in the book that set my teeth on edge will be changed into something else. And I hear all you Gatsby fans out there thinking, maybe if she likes the movie she’ll reread the book and fall in love with it. I won’t say it’s impossible, but don’t get your hopes up.