oldcounterBookman and I are slowly taking on big home improvement projects. Last year we had the sliding glass door from our kitchen to our deck replaced. The year before that we had wood floors installed throughout the house. This year we decided a new kitchen countertop, sink and faucet were in order.

new countertop

new countertop

Since Bookman is the one who uses the kitchen most his opinion had more weight. I was hoping for something bold and dramatic but he was more concerned about being able to tell whether the counter was clean. I mean, really, not being able to see dirt seemed like a good idea to me. But Bookman clucked and said this was where he cooked and did I want dirt in my food? Well, no. But, couldn’t we…? No.

So we went from a stained, cheap white laminate, the photo does not really tell you how dingy it was looking, to a lovely

ready for the closeup

ready for the closeup

quartz in the color of Arizona Sand or something like that. We got a new sink too set into the counter and a spiffy new faucet. It isn’t a dramatic change but it is shiny and clean and feels warm and cozy and we like it.

Of course, now we are talking about the cabinets. They are actually in really good shape but we might paint them or put different doors on them or no doors at all. Then we would get colorful cups and plates and all that. And we are trying to figure out how to put a bookshelf in the kitchen somewhere for the cookbooks. That’s the problem with home improvements, isn’t it? Once you start you want to change all kinds of things.

So as to not make this a completely non-bookish post, I have a few links for you. One is to an awesome pair of shoes that the owner decoupaged with her favorite romance book covers. I don’t wear high heels but I’m thinking this could be done with flats too. Maybe something in NYRB covers or classic Penguins?

Then there is Book Riot’s reader chosen list of the 23 Most-Hated Books. I am so sad that Pride and Prejudice is number 15. How can anyone hate that book? There are actually quite a lot of books on the list that I love so it kind of hurt to read through it. Moby-Dick, hated? But how can you hate Starbuck and Queequeg? Lord of the Flies? How can your heart not be broken by Piggy? Heart of Darkness? The Horror! The Horror!

I know we don’t all like the same books, I wouldn’t want us to, but hate is such a strong word. Twilight is number one but I haven’t read it so I can’t have an opinion about it. I wonder if some of the hate is by people who haven’t even read the book but are disgusted by all the publicity it and the movies get? Likewise I wonder how many books are on there because they were read in high school and poorly taught? Or, like Ulysses at number 25, simply not understood? What do you think of the hate list? I would feel better if it weren’t hated books but books that aren’t among the favorites. Or maybe disliked books. Does the word choice really matter?

Ok, that’s all for now.