Today feels like a good day for bits and pieces.

An update on the Lit MOOC post from last week. Kathleen and I have begun the T.S. Eliot self-paced course and it is really wonderful. We are having stimulating email discussions as we go. We have made it through all the introductory stuff and this week launch into the poetry with “The Love Song of J Alfred Prufrock.” If anyone is interested in joining us you still have time to catch up!

Also on the MOOC front, I signed up for the historical fiction course, Plagues, Witches, and War that begins October 15th and so did Cirtnecce. There is still plenty of time for others to sign up too. Instead of using the class discussion forum we plan on email or twitter discussion, haven’t settled yet. Even if you are a little tempted, sign up, you don’t have to read everything and it will be fun!

I should not laugh, but two men in a grocery store in Russia got into an argument over Immanuel Kant and one of them shot the other! The gun was loaded with rubber bullets and the victim went to the hospital but his injuries are not life threatening.

You have probably heard the news that the Man Booker will be open to US authors in 2014. I can understand the reasoning but I sort of wish they had not decided to do that. I like the Booker because it brings to my attention authors that are not from the United States. I hope it doesn’t end up ruining the whole award.

The Harry Potter Myers-Briggs personality chart (via Tor). Why does Draco Malfoy have to be an INTJ? Draco does not strike me as an introvert. Where do I go to lodge a complaint? I feel like INTJs everywhere will acquire a bad reputation for being devious. We are already misunderstood, we don’t need Draco Malfoy to make it worse.

From the fine folks at Melville House, what to do if you ever find yourself agreeing with Jonathan Franzen. It includes forgive yourself and ask forgiveness of others. Heh.

Finally, my spam filter has been clogging up fast lately. It gets so full every day that I have given up checking it for the stray valid comment that may have been mistakenly banished there. So my apologies if you have made a comment recently or going forward that gets sent to spam and never gets rescued.