This has been a day of I-couldn’t-make-that-up-if-I-tried. The star of awesome from work today went something like this.

A young woman walked up to the circulation desk and asked, “Is this a library?”

I looked at her a moment before answering because I thought she might be joking but she was completely serious. “Yes,” I replied.

“A law library?” she asked.

“Yes,” I said.

“So, um you like have law books and stuff here?”

“Yes,” I managed with a straight face, “is there something in particular you are looking for?”

The poor woman was completely clueless about what she needed and I wanted to help her but we crashed and burned spectacularly. I asked a research librarian if she could help out and she had as much trouble as I did and we sent the woman away with information that may or may not have been useful for her. When I told the librarian how the interaction had begun she gawped at me, “You’re making that up!” Nope, couldn’t have made that up.

Now, this evening is the at home version and capstone event. I was doing some preliminary searching on the Mysteries of Udolpho because nature plays such a huge role in the novel I wanted to see if I could find anything on the role of nature in gothic novels. I looked at Wikipedia’s Gothic Fiction page for clues, not expecting any but sometimes I am surprised. And I was surprised but not by nature and gothic fiction but by this (click on image if you need it bigger):


See, I had to take a screen shot because some Wikipedia editor is going to come along and fix it eventually and I needed proof that I did not make it up! I know someone is just screwing around, but oh, did it give me an extra good giggle because it is that kind of day. A wicked side of me hopes some undiscriminating student writing a paper comes along and adds that bit into her essay.

Now I can’t follow any of that up with even a half serious chat about how I am getting on in Mysteries of Udolpho so I will just have to leave it at that today and maybe try again tomorrow.