You know, I consider myself generally open to reading any sort of genre but I think I have finally found out where I draw the line dinosaur beast erotica.

Let’s just think about that for a moment.

To be honest, I am almost tempted to read one just to discover how the mechanics work. I’ve got a pretty good imagination but I am having trouble picturing t-rex and the buxom blond having any sort of romantic relationship let alone a sexual one. I mean, they can’t even talk to each other. But then I suppose these kind of books aren’t about talking.

Of course there is the totally tantalizing possibility that blondie ends up as dinner. But maybe the t-rex is so turned on by the little bra and panties number she’s wearing that he forgets about dinner and goes right to dessert, if you know what I mean. I won’t even venture to guess where she got the sexy undergarments to begin with. There must have been a Victoria’s Secret tucked away in a cave somewhere.

No, it’s just too much. There is definitely a line with me on one side and dinosaur beast erotica on the other and never the twain shall meet.