It was such a pleasure to hear on the radio this morning that Alice Munro had won the Nobel Prize for literature. I think Margaret Atwood should win it too but I am very happy for Canada and for Munro. And Atwood wrote a lovely article about Munro for the Guardian.

Now here is my confession. I have not read Munro. I know, I know! She is on my perpetual “author’s I have to read sometime” list but sometime has not arrived. My new reading plan came very close to being tipped into the garbage already because I briefly decided that I need to read Munro now.

While the temptation to scrap my plan remains waving at me from the fringes of my mind, the voices that tell me what to do scolded me enough that I am not going to throw out my plan. Munro will, however, be on my list of considerations when I am making November plans. I am determined now to read her sooner rather than later, though as you know, sooner in book talk is quite vague and could end up being this time next year which would actually be sooner than I would have otherwise.

Just a short post tonight. There have been some big changes at work and while I knew they were coming when they started today I found myself more worn out at the end of it than I expected. Plus my allergies are still raging. Hopefully things will settle down soon, a new normal will be reached and I won’t come home feeling low on energy.