Just when I was beginning to succumb to the tyranny of Monday and floundering for what I could possibly write about since my brain was feeling mushy due to the headache that started behind my right eye this afternoon at work, I have been saved.

In my email inbox was a newsletter from DailyLit that links to an online store called Litographs. These creative folk make marvelous art on posters, t-shirts and tote bags from the words of the text of the book the art is representing. The artwork is of a theme, character or setting from the book in question. They are amazing and I want them all. Well, almost all of them. I am definitely going to gift myself with a poster of Emerson’s essays. There are so many others that I like very much like a Hamlet T-shirt or a Just So Stories tote bag or anything Leaves of Grass or Jane Austen or, or, or…

Go check them out. The holidays are just around the corner but there is plenty of time to put your favorite on your list to Santa.

Oh, and after getting excited about all the fun stuff, my headache has just about disappeared.