Goodness gracious! The weekend flew by. Saturday was my wedding anniversary, 22 years with Bookman, almost half my life. That makes me feel old but also very happy. We celebrated by going out to breakfast and then buying a new sofa at Ikea. I also got a new table for my sewing machine, one that has drawers and will not wobble. Which means I need to oil my machine and start sewing again. All in good time. Of course, since the items were from Ikea there was some assembly required. If you ever want to test the strength of a relationship, try assembling Ikea furniture together. We passed with flying colors if I do say so myself.

There was also some outdoor time Sunday. The weather was sunny and 58F (15C), a heat wave when compared to what it’s been like. We even had the window open most of the afternoon which made Waldo and Dickens very happy. We pulled out all the dead plants from the veggie beds. We also saved seeds from the zinnias, bachelor buttons, calendula, and yellow beans before pulling out the dead plants. We trimmed the climbing rose a bit too. And talked a little about where to put down black plastic on the remaining grass to make new beds in the spring.

We didn’t pick any fresh herbs from the herb spiral during the summer because the plants needed to grow and get established. As I was pulling out the bachelor buttons and calendula that we had planted in the spiral, I noticed how big the sage and oregano had gotten. They had not been killed by frost yet so I snipped off some of the leaves and brought them indoors. I got out the food dehydrator and and in a few hours I had dried herbs. I had thought briefly about tying the herbs in bunches and hanging them up to dry the old fashioned way but I have nowhere to hang them out of the way and there is still a bit of humidity in the air and I didn’t want to worry about mold and mildew. It was still satisfying though, crumbling up the dried leaves into the spice jars for Bookman to use in his cooking.

I finally got all the remaining chaff out of the mustard seeds from the garden and have them, along with some supplementary seed we had to buy, soaking in vinegar and spices. They have to soak for two days and then we can turn them into creamy mustard. Fingers crossed!

apple scones I think I love you

apple scones I think I love you

Bookman also made some tasty apple spice scones with some of the apples from our trees. We still have so many apples it’s crazy. An apple pie will be coming soon. Bookman wants to experiment canning apple pie filling. Has anyone done this before and have advice? And we have to start working on preserving all those pumpkins we picked last week too. So much to do!

All this means I pretty much read nothing all weekend which feels odd because it is so rare. I did read the introduction to Hecuba in my copy of the play and oh, it sounds fantastic! I hope to start reading the play today.

I have today through Wednesday off from work and so does Bookman. We’ve got plans to be lazy and plans to be out and about. Reading, goofing off, eating those apple scones, going to a book event and to an art exhibit and who knows what other fun things. How we are going to fit all this into only three days, I don’t know, but by golly, we are going to try!