Ah, my first day back to work after my mini-vacation. Am I allowed to be really glad tomorrow is Friday? In honor of Halloween I “dressed up” with cat ears. One of my coworkers told me I should get some brown ones (the ones I wore today were black) and I could wear them everyday. She said my curly hair hides the headband so the ears just stick up and look like they belong. So apparently I rock the cat ears. Who knew.

I read Hecuba yesterday by Euripides. What an awesome play! Don’t have the brain power to write about it tonight though but soon!

I had to give up on one of the books for my historical fiction MOOC. The Physick Book of Deliverance Dane was going just fine. I wasn’t enamored but it was enjoyable and then there was such a big mistake in it. The mistake? The main character, Connie, at the request of her mother out west, drives to a small town an hour away from Boston to clear out and try to sell the abandoned for twenty years house of her grandmother. Connie takes a friend with her and her friend asks if she knew her grandmother very well. Connie says she has no real memories of her, that her mother said the grandmother visited frequently when she was a child but she died before Connie was old enough to get to know her. Then not ten pages later Connie is recalling a Christmas when her grandmother came to visit and brought her a handmade sweater with one arm longer than the other. Say what? I thought she didn’t have any memories of her grandmother? I am so annoyed by this that I can’t continue with the book. So I am going to move on to Fever by Mary Beth Keane and hopefully have better luck.

In honor of the day, enjoy some photos of literary pumpkins. And if you, like me, prefer your pumpkins carved, here are a few more.