For a little silly holiday cheer you can’t go so very wrong with Christopher Moore’s The Stupidest Angel. Well, you could actually. The jokes tend toward adolescent boy mentality so one sort of has to be in the mood otherwise it isn’t just the angel that comes off as stupid.

The book is set in the small coastal town of Pine Cove, California. Theo, the sheriff, is a former pothead and is married to Molly a former B-movie actress famous for her recurring role as a sword wielding warrior babe. She is also crazy and off her meds so she could save enough money to buy Theo a handmade glass bong. Meanwhile Theo has quite the marijuana crop growing in the forest so he could get enough money to pay for the antique Japanese sword he bought Molly.

Meanwhile, Lena, while stealing Monterey pines from her ex-husband’s property accidentally kills him with her shovel when he catches her while driving home drunk dressed as Santa after the Caribou Christmas party. Poor Josh, walking home late from his friend’s house sees Santa’s murder and thinks Christmas is all over. Lena gets help burying the body from Tuck, a helicopter pilot in town flying DEA agents around looking to catch pot growers. Lena and Tuck make it look like Dale went fishing and fell off a cliff into the ocean. Nobody really misses Dale since he was the town’s wealthy jerk of a developer with a violent streak. But Theo still has to investigate and he realizes right away that things aren’t adding up.

There is also a stranger in town going around looking for a child. The stranger is tall, wearing a dark trenchcoat, has long blonde hair and sort of glows. He turns out to be an angel (though no one knows this until later), but not just any angel. He was supposed to have been the angel to announce the birth of Jesus but got it all messed up leaving others to pick up the slack. He has now decided to make up for it after all those years by performing a Christmas miracle. He needs to find a child, ask the kid what he wants and then make it happen.

The kid he finds is Josh and Josh wants Santa to be brought back to life. Only the angel didn’t know exactly where Santa was buried and ends up raising not only Santa but the entire church graveyard while most of the town is inside the church for the Lonesome Christmas Party. Nothing like a Christmas Eve zombie attack!

I did say the book was silly, right? This being a silly Christmas book, everything turns out right in the end. It’s a light, fun read if you are in the mood; a good read if you are in the midst of lots of holiday distractions or need to be distracted yourself should there be tensions at the family gathering you need to escape. A little humor, even adolescent humor, is never remiss at times like that.

Since I don’t celebrate Christmas, I will be having a quiet day with Bookman just reading and enjoying each other’s company. But for those of you who do celebrate, I wish you a happy day filled with family and friends and love.