Here we are on the last day of 2013. It was a pretty good reading year I think. I took a year-long subscription to the New York Review of Books Classics and while I have not yet finished reading all the books I was sent, I really enjoyed all the ones I have read so far. It is always interesting to look back over the year and see where my reading took me. This year I revived my interest in gardening and my reading choices reflect that. I am not generally a short story reader but I usually manage one or two and this past year I read not a single short story collection. Ouch. And for my long list of reading goals, well, I didn’t do so very well on those either. But what does it matter as long as I enjoyed what I did read? And what was it I read? Here is the breakdown.

Books Read: 69 (last year I read 78, the most I have ever read and 69 is still really high when I consider that prior to last year I generally averaged 52-56 books for as long as I have been keeping track. I don’t know what has suddenly changed. Maybe it is having a Kindle and time to read on my daily work commute. Whatever it is, I will not complain!)

Books begun but abandoned: 1 for sure and I think maybe one more. I didn’t do very well at keeping track of this one this year.

Fiction: 34 (10 fewer than 2012)
Nonfiction: 30 (4 more than 2012)
Poetry: 4 (same as 2012)
Anthology: 1 (one more than 2012)

Break down from the above (there is overlap between genres so numbers won’t match up to number of books read).

Books of essays: 2
Fantasy/ SF: 7
Memoir/biography: 7
Books about books/reading/literature: 4
Books about science popular or otherwise: 3
Books about history: 1
Books about gardening/nature: 9
Children/juvenile/YA: 2
Collections of letters or books about letters: 9
Plays: 1
Horror/gothic: 4
Philosophy: 1

Books by women: 25
Books by men: 40
Multiple authors: 3

Rereads: 1 (Northanger Abbey)

In translation: 9 (German, French, Russian, Greek, Italian)

Pub dates.
2013: 15
2000-2012: 25
1950-1999: 11
1900-1949: 9
19th century: 5
18th century: 3
BCE: 1

Book source/format
ARCs: 6
Kindle: 13 (2 were ARCs the rest were public domain books)
Library: 26
Owned in print: 27

Favorite books, in no particular order:

Honorable Mentions:

It is a testament to the quality of the New York Review of Books Classics I was sent that three of them ended up on my year-end list.

I hope you all have a safe and happy New Year! May 2014 be filled with good books and lots of time to read them!