I love the library so much! I know you all do too. I am just having a little gush of love this afternoon because I have a little stack that arrived for me today. I would take a photo but Waldo is currently sitting in my lap doing his “I’m super happy” purr and I haven’t the heart to dislodge him.

I have a three-day weekend ahead because of Martin Luther King Jr Day on Monday and it is always nice to have some fresh books to peruse. Want to know what I got?

  • Through ILL at work I have Memories of the Unknown by Rutger Kopland. It is a book of poetry recommended by my friend Cath in the Netherlands. Since I am the one who does all the processing of ILLs at my library, I took a moment while doing the receiving paperwork for the book to read the first two poems. This book and I will be getting along really well. One of the two poems I read, “Under the apple tree,” will be going into my personal poetry anthology.
  • While browsing for gardening and nature books in my public library catalog a few months ago I came across a book called Braiding Sweetgrass: Indigenous wisdom, scientific knowledge, and the teaching of plants by Robin Wall Kimmerer. There was a hold queue for it and I requested it without even looking to see what it was about based on the title alone. My turn has arrived and it is not what I expected — a gardening book more or less. But that is okay because it is better than that. Kimmerer is Potawatomi and a botanist. The book is a genre mix of memoir, plant science, ecology, and philosophy. I am even more excited about the book than I was when I saw it in the library catalog.
  • Because I am so enamored with the Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds catalog I will be ordering from shortly, I greedily requested their two books, The Heirloom Life Gardener and The Baker Creek Vegan Cookbook. The cookbook has recipes for both meals and canning/preserving. The garden book has a section on history of heirloom vegetables, one on seed saving, a bit of gardening how-to, and a big section on all kinds of specific heirloom vegetables and tips on growing and eating them.
  • The last book I got today is Four-Season Harvest by Eliot Coleman. This is definitely a gardening book through and through. I am hoping it will have some easy worthwhile ways that might be doable in my own garden to extend the growing season both in spring and fall.

There are two more library books that are “in transit” that I will be picking up in the next few days most likely:

  • The Circle by Dave Eggers. You’ve probably heard of this one, it has been getting lots of buzz. Not only does it sound good to me but it will be the first Eggers book I have read since A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius way back when.
  • Landscape with Rowers is another book of Dutch poetry Cath suggested to me. It is a selection of poems from six modern and contemporary poets translated by J.M Coetzee. I bet I will find poems to go into my personal poetry anthology in this book too.

Yup, I love the library!