I had planned to write about Daphne du Maurier’s Jamaica Inn today but since I am already late to the group discussion on it, one more day won’t really matter. Besides, it is a holiday for me today and yesterday Bookman and I took steps to escape winter for a little bit. We went out to breakfast and then visited Como Park Conservatory. There were quite a few other people out escaping winter too. I am so glad we have this beautiful place to go to when the spirit needs a lift. How much lift did ours need?

This is the view of my garden at the moment:

garden under snow

This is where we sat and held hands and breathed until the scent of the lilies and paper whites became too much for my allergies:

como sunken garden

And with the herb spiral looking like this:

snowy herb spiral

Why would I not want to spend some time looking at this instead?

como ginger

The red flower dangling over the water is called “flame ginger” and is growing in a room that also houses citrus, banana, a cocoa tree, sugar cane, and other useful plants. There is a thermometer in this room and it read 80F (27C). If it were summer I’d be complaining about it being hot, but in the middle of winter, oh, does it ever feel good.

Before we departed the warmth and the green, we sat for awhile next to a fountain amid palm trees.

como palms

It’s no Kew Palm House, I know, I’ve been lucky enough to see that once, but it doesn’t need to be. Bookman and I left feeling warmed through and in a bright sunny mood that lasted all day even after raking a lot of accumulated snow off the roof of the house. The trick will be to hold onto that feeling as the temperature plunges today to land us, once again, below zero (-18C) tonight.