Technically I should have handwritten this post, but since I don’t have a scanner at home and taking a photo of a handwritten page isn’t great, I have to type.

If your excuse for not writing letters or handwriting anything at all is because your script is bad, here is a short handwriting pep talk (via Letter Writers Alliance):

Handwriting is also good for your brain and there are other benefits that include being a better writer.

I personally may not have the most beautiful handwriting but as long as it is legible I don’t think it matters. I love handwriting because it is an excuse to use my fountain pens, which I so very much love. Not that I need Twelve Reasons to Write with a Fountain Pen, but I will confess that while I love a beautiful pen and the way it feels in my hand and glides across the paper, it’s really all about the ink. I have *mumble mumble* bottles of ink in a variety of colors and I am always wanting more. I only wish I could write with a fountain pen on glossy paper — postcards, greeting cards — and then I would be very happy indeed.

So go pick up a pen or pencil and spend some time handwriting — a note, a list, a letter — just write!