I spoke too soon on Sunday. My cold got worse. Monday morning I woke up feeling poorly but was determined to not let it defeat me. After coughing my way through my morning shower and not being able to talk without inducing more coughing, Bookman looked at me sternly and said, “You are not going to work.”

“But –” said I and then was taken with a coughing fit so could not continue.

Bookman said, “What if one of your co-workers came in to work in your condition?”

I’d say, “You should go home.”

“Well, take your own advice then,” said Bookman. “Besides it’s twenty below outside (-29C) and the wind chill is around -45 (-43C), crawl under the quilt and stay home.”

I reluctantly admitted he was right. Made some phone calls and then crawled into a nest of blankets where the cats promptly curled up on me. We spent the day warm and snug reading and napping.

Feeling much better this morning and am back to work in a cold medicine fog, but definitely on the mend.

I finished The Circle yesterday and tonight when work is done I hope to tell you about it if I am not too tired. If I don’t manage it, I know you will understand.