Here we are now solidly in February and would you believe I haven’t thought about what I am going to read this month? Do I hear a whispered “no”? That’s ok, I wouldn’t believe me either! It’s a rare day when a thought about what I am going to read next doesn’t pass through a wrinkle in my grey matter.

I had hoped to be able to start really digging in to my TBR books by now but that has not happened yet. All my library holds have been coming in. I have shown so much restraint these last two weeks and only added one book to my hold queue. So things will start to settle down as long as I can continue to resist adding new books at the library. We’ll see how that goes!

January reading went pretty well though. Now for February there are a few carry overs but some new reads to look forward to as well.

Carried over is David Copperfield. What fun this book is! Dickens has such a way with words and describing characters, I keep highlighting passages simply because they are so delightful even if they have nothing to do with the main drama of the book. I’m afraid I find myself smiling or giggling frequently while reading this book and since it is my commute and lunch book, I suspect people are beginning to think I am crazy. But then I usually see the same people on my daily commute and they are all probably used to me by now.

The other carry over is Vital Signs. I am a little over halfway through. I am going to make an effort to finish the book this month.

I threw over starting to read T.S. Eliot’s Four Quartets in January to start reading Rutger Kopland’s Memories of the Unknown. I am loving this poetry collection. Should I finish it this month I have Landscape with Rowers ready to go.

New books I plan to start this month are only a few. After I am done with Dickens, I am currently halfway through, I will be starting the third book in the George R.R. Martin Songs of Ice and Fire series, A Feast for Crows. Only one fat book on the go at a time!

Also on tap is a book from my library hold queue I will be picking up tomorrow, Slow Reading in a Hurried Age by David Mikics. I don’t know much about this book but I love the title. Of course the irony is that I only get the book for three weeks so a truly slow reading is not going to happen.

A few days ago I began reading Old Goriot by Balzac. Danielle and I are reading the book together. I have not read Balzac before so I am pleased to be reading it. I haven’t gotten so very far in the book. I read the introduction, I am reading the Penguin Classic edition, which was very long but good. The story begins with lots of description of a boarding house and I have finally managed to meet the people who live there. Reading the actual book is a bit of a challenge; the print is really small and the book is from 1960 and a rather musty smelling threat to my allergies. So I hold the book a bit further away than I would like and generally get a cat head inserting itself between me and my view of the page. Oh the difficulties of reading sometimes!

Well, I think I have reading in February pretty much covered!