Little did we know that my Kindle trouble recently was the start of a Kindle Rebellion at my house.

Bookman, who rarely turns off his electronic devices, decided Friday that he would turn off his computer and his Kindle. Saturday morning his Kindle would not turn back on. I saw him go through the Kindle frustration cycles just like he watched me do when I took the drastic step of zapping my Kindle back to its original factory settings. I had hoped to swoop in like he did with me and save the day. It was not to be. I couldn’t get the Kindle to turn on either.

I suggested that perhaps Bookman had let the battery run too low (he often does) and it just needed to be charged. So we plugged it into his computer. He had to go off to work. Hours later I noticed his Kindle still was not charged. I plugged it directly into the wall instead. But it still wouldn’t charge. The light remained orange and I noticed it kept flashing on and off like there was a loss of connection or something. But everything was fine as far as I could tell when I wiggled the cord.

Saturday night Bookman came home and the Kindle that had been theoretically charging all day still did not show us the green light and continued to refuse to turn on. Unfortunately, you can’t just buy a new battery. After a few more attempts to get the Kindle working on Sunday we declared Bookman’s Kindle dead and pulled the plug.

He has the day off today and decided to shop for a new ebook reader. He considered a Nook and a Kindle Paperwhite but in the end went for just the basic no frills e-ink Kindle. He ordered it.

A little while later he picked up his dead Kindle to remove the cover and it was on! And working! Like nothing ever happened!

He decided to not cancel the order for the new one, just in case.

Kindle Warrior

Kindle Warrior

But now I am wondering if this is a Kindle ploy to build the Kindle army in our house. Such gullible humans! We will soon have three Kindles and we two homo saps will be outnumbered. If this is the beginning of a Kindle uprising I wish I could count on Waldo and Dickens to help us out. Waldo is a good hunter, at least we think he is. Since he doesn’t go outdoors all he has ever hunted are spiders, centipedes and dust bunnies, but he is very good at it. And Dickens is Houdini reincarnated. He can open doors and dresser drawers and boxes and storage bins with clasps. Between the two of them they could save Bookman and I should
My army?

My defenders?

worse come to worst. But can one ever really trust a cat? Sure, they act like they love us, but one never really knows whether it’s true love or they’re just looking for a warm lap.

So I am getting this message out while I can, before the Kindles block my internet and keep me from communicating with the outside world. Beware the Kindle Rebellion!