Happy first day of spring! And to those of you south of the equator, happy first day of autumn!

While February crept along, March is flying by. My reading has gotten a bit discombobulated. Over a year ago I applied to review books for a library publication and didn’t hear anything from them. Then early last week I got an email to tell me a book was on the way and I have to have it read and reviewed by April 1st! The book didn’t arrive until the end of the week. And while it is not a big fat novel, it is a just over 200 page book of essays about the history of the modern critic. The author and I aren’t getting along from the get go which doesn’t make the reading easy. Good thing I have a deadline or I would take forever to finish this book.

Of course this book came at the same time my turn for Wendy Lesser’s new book came up. And of course I am enjoying Why I Read so much more than my assigned book that I will be having to do some assigned reading cramming over the coming weekend.

Waiting in the wings after these is a review copy of the new Francine Prose book, Lovers and the Chameleon Club. Prose will be in town in early May doing a reading at the public library so I figured this was one review copy I could agree to reading.

I must say though that I am surprised I made it this far into the year before my multitude of books in progress have made me feel a bit overwhelmed. My month-to-month planning is working pretty good. Once I get my assigned review book done I will feel much better again. I am grateful that it is only a short review of 200 words I have to write — piece of cake! I hope.

Now I want to leave you with a good laugh in case you missed the story. A man in Bristol discovered he’d been scammed by a man who sold him a PS3 console online which never was delivered. To get back at the scammer, he copied the complete works of Shakespeare and pasted them into one giant text message. You know how long text messages get broken up? Well, the scammer will be getting about 29,305 texts. It’s brilliant!