You may have noticed a meme going around that goes something like this:

Say your favourite book, author, song, film, and object beginning with a particular letter. And that letter will be randomly assigned to you by me, via If you’d like to join in, comment in the comment section and I’ll tell you your letter! (And then, of course, the chain can keep going on your blog.)

Danielle assigned me the letter “H.” Of course my mind then went completely blank on all titles or songs or authors beginning with “H.” Finally I have managed to get myself together.

Favorite Book
dontpanic Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams. This ended up being harder than I thought. There was Hamlet and Handmaid’s Tale and a number of other titles vying for this spot. But when I looked at the list and asked, which one of these books do I think of most often? I had to go with Hitchhiker’s Guide.

Favorite Author

Hafiz. This one came down to Hafiz and Homer and while Homer is pretty awesome, I pull my Hafiz book off the shelf more often for a quick dip. And since Hafiz lived in the 14th century no photo, but there is a photo of his tomb how it looks today.

Favorite Song

How Sweet it is by James Taylor. Help! by the Beatles was also a possibility but I know the words to How Sweet it is better than I do to Help! so I figured that must mean something.

Favorite Film

Harry Potter. I’m an indifferent film watcher. Don’t get me wrong, I like a good movie, but they don’t hang around for me like books do. And please don’t ask me to name that actor. I used to drive my sister nuts because I could never remember anyone’s name. It was so bad she got into the habit of assuming I didn’t know and would preface all comments about movie actors with you know Brad Pitt, he was in XYZ and played the guy who blah blah blah. I’m not so bad as to not know who some of the big name movie stars are, but if you test me, I will fail. Therefore even coming up with a movie that begins with “H” and is something besides Halloween was not easy.

Favorite Object
husbandHusband. That would be Bookman! The photo was taken when he was digging Amy Pond a month ago. Though he objects to me calling him an object and insists he is more of a subject, he is willing to let it slide this once.

Let me know if you want a letter of your own!