It’s read-a-thon day! It’s been a long time since I’ve participated and I am very excited. Bookman wanted to play too but he has to work today. Nonetheless, he’ll be reading when he’s home. We have decided to donate .10 cents for every page we read to FirstBook. We are not late night people so I don’t expect we will be making it to the wee hours, but we will keep going as long as we can and read as many pages as we can.

I have no plans on what I will read other than Euripides’ play Medea. The rest, well, we’ll just see where it goes. The weather is forecast for a partly sunny crisp fall day, perfect reading weather. There are cats for my lap, coffee and pumpkin muffins. It’s going to be a good day!

My plan is to make regular updates at the bottom of this post for the first part of the day and then I’ll start a new post for the second part of the day. That will hopefully keep feed readers and email boxes from being spammed every time I post an update. My start time is 7 a.m. so here we go…

Update 10:00
Well I didn’t start as early I as I had hoped. I had to first fortify myself with a hearty breakfast of Bookman’s blueberry cornbread pancakes. Then a shower. Then, it’s laundry day too so I had to get that going. I finally sat down about 8:30. I picked up Tim Park’s Teach Us To Sit Still, a memoir. Really good so far. While I am a morning person I didn’t feel ready to dive in to the headier stuff just yet. I’ll save Medea for after lunch. So far I’ve read 39 pages. Woo!

Update 11:53
So far so good. I have read 82 pages of Parks’s book. Really good. My eyes are a bit tired but it was nothing that a break to fold laundry couldn’t help. Bookman is sending me texts from work wishing he were home reading with me. Now it’s lunch time. Reading is hungry work. Lunch today is homemade white bean hummus with whole wheat pita bread. The pita is store bought. I really must learn how to make my own. But not today, gotta read!

Update 1:51
Had to give my eyes another break to fold laundry. Poor old eyes. I’m up to 118 pages read so far. I’ve begun reading Medea and have slowed down considerably. The introduction to the play is really good but the print is tiny and packed tight. A few more pages and the introduction will be done. It should be easier to read the text of the play. I hope. Bookman read during his lunch break at work. 20 pages for him. Woo! I think it is now time for a snack. A big cup of coffee and a homemade pumpkin cupcake. Yum!

Reading fuel

Reading fuel

Update 4:11 p.m.
Waldo and Dickens are very much enjoying me sitting so much today:

Snuggly cats

Snuggly cats

I have just finished reading Medea. So good! I am, however, rather stiff from sitting so much and getting a bit bleary-eyed. I’m up to 180 pages read. Time to take a break. The stationary bike and fast music await me. An hour should work out the kinks nicely.

Update 6:37 p.m.
I’ve decided to just keep updating this post and then I’ll have a wrap up post probably tomorrow.

I took a longer break than I expected. First exercise, then finishing up the laundry and Bookman arrived home and made me dinner: tamarind lentils with basmati rice and zatar bread. Yum. Now we are getting ready to settle in to read for the evening. I only managed another 10 pages since the last update putting me at 190. Bookman is up to a total of 30 pages. We’ll see how far we get before running out of gas!

Update 8:09 p.m.
Still doing pretty well. I am back to Tim Parks’ memoir which I am very much enjoying. I had thought I would spend the day reading something complex that would benefit from sustained attention. Like Proust. But I think going an easier route is the best choice for long periods of reading. It isn’t as taxing so I can keep going.

Had a cup of peppermint tea. Tasty. Warm. I’ve managed 239 pages. Bookman has read 80. He is reading on his Kindle so those aren’t actual book pages, but a count of every time he has turned a Kindle page. But there is no other way to count pages. It sounds impressive though, doesn’t it?

Time to move around a little. Wash my face. Brush my teeth. Stretch. Then I think I will climb into bed and see how long I can last into the night. I don’t expect it will be long, but you never know.