Here we are on the last day of 2014 which means it’s time for me to look back over my year of reading. There was a bit of excitement with the Kindle Rebellion during which I killed two Kindles. Happily Kobo and I are living in peace if not harmony (it’s a good ereader but there are things about it that frustrate me). I also began doing reviews for Library Journal and did a review for Shiny New Books as well. I managed to read a little of everything — essays, history, gardening, poetry, short stories, plays, fiction of all kinds. Nothing to complain about there! I set no reading goals other than to read good books and I can report it was a success! I very much liked not having a list hanging over my head all year and simply making plans from month to month. I ended up reading a lot of just published books but I still read older books too, though admittedly there is an imbalance but is that really so bad? I wonder.

I had thought it was a record breaking year in terms of number of books read until just before I started writing this when I looked at past years. I completed 75 books in 2014. Last year I read 69 but the year before that I read 78. That year was the most read ever. So no record, but pretty close. Still, I try to always remind myself that it is not about the numbers but how much I enjoyed the books that matters most. And wow, were there some really good books! Let’s break it all down.

Books Completed: 75
Books begun but abandoned: 2

Fiction: 31(3 fewer than 2013)
Nonfiction: 31 (one more than 2013)
Poetry: 8 (twice as many as 2013)
Plays: 4 (3 more than 2013)

Breaking it down even further (there may be some overlap across genres)…

Essays: 5
Scifi/Fantasy: 6
Memoir/Biography: 6
Books about Books/Reading/Literature: 5
Science: 2
Social Science: 5
History: 1
Books about Gardening/Nature/Environment/Climate Change: 11
Childrens/Juvenille/YA: 1
Letters/Diaries: 1
Short story collections: 3
Graphic novels: 3

Books by women: 38
Books by men: 33
Multiple mixed authors: 3

Rereads: 5

Number of authors whose books I read more than one of: 6 (Euripides, Hilary Mantel, Bryan O’Malley, Claudia Rankine, Rebecca Solnit, Robin Wall Kimmerer)

In translation: 13 (French, Dutch, German, Japanese, Greek, Vietnamese)

Book source/Format
Ebooks: 10 (one of these was an ARC)
Library: 49 (several of these were ebooks)
Own: 11

Publication Dates
2014: 31
2010 – 2013: 17
2000 – 2009: 11
1950 – 1999: 3
1900 – 1949: 4
19th Century: 5
17th Century: 1
BCE: 3

Favorite Fiction:

Favorite Nonfiction:

Favorite Poetry (a category all its own because it is neither fiction nor nonfiction):

Honorable Mentions:

Well, there it is, 2014. I am surprised by the number of rereads and the number of authors I read more than once. I am a bit startled by the number of books I borrowed from the library and the number that were published in 2014. I knew both would be big but I wasn’t expecting they’d be that big. The higher library count though also means I didn’t buy as many books as I might have. However, there were a couple of books I bought after borrowing them from the library.

All in all, a good year. Thank you for sharing it with me. I wish you a Happy New Year and I hope your 2015 is filled with oodles of great books!