Day two of 2015. How’s it going so far? Good I hope! I’ve been visiting blogs and reading yearend wrap ups and New Year plans and it is all so very exciting. January 1st is an artificial new year date imposed by our calendars because when you think about it, every day can be said to be the first day of a new year which means every day provides the opportunity for a fresh start. Just something to keep in mind when the excitement from making fresh goals begins to wane. I have all sorts of plans for 2015. The ones you will want to know about are my reading plans.

I liked my 2014 plan so well I am going to do it again this year:

Read good books.

Part of reading good books is a project my friend Cath and I are doing for the year. We both love poetry and keep up an enriching correspondence around it. This year we decided to each focus on two poets in depth and make a study of them. The two poets I chose for my study are John Keats and Elizabeth Bishop. Keats will start off the year. I’ve got his letters and complete poetry making their way to me through the mail from online bookshops. I’d like to read a biography of Keats too. Can anyone make a recommendation of a good one? The second half of the year will go to Bishop. I have her complete poems and I’ll be reading One Art, a book of her letters. I know she wrote some prose too but I don’t know that I will get to that. Perhaps I will be able to dip in, but it’s her poetry I am most interested in. I’d like to read a biography of her too. Can anyone make a good recommendation on that?

Besides Bishop and Keats I will continue working my way through Euripides’s plays. If I am remembering and counting correctly, I have six of his plays left. A couple of the remaining ones are of disputed authorship but I’m not sure that matters so very much since the number of complete Greek tragedies is so few to begin with. I doubt I will get to all six of them this year, but you never know.

That’s the broad outline for 2015.

January’s reading is going to be a pile-on of all sorts of things and I am exhausted just thinking about it. Currently I am in the midst of:

  • The Magicians by Lev Grossman. I am almost done with this. Have about 130 pages left.
  • The Sense of Style by Steven Pinker. I am enjoying this very much.
  • Bad Feminist by Roxanne Gay. A wide-ranging book of essays not completely what I expected but extremely enjoyable nonetheless. I read about her competitive Scrabble playing a few days ago and I am still giggling about it. Gay has a most excellent sense of humor.
  • This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. the Climate. I’ve not gotten far but so far this is really good. It is an approach to climate change that is not about the environment so much as it is about the economic structures and wealth distribution we have created that are at the root of the problem.
  • Guermantes Way by Proust. Oh Proust, Proust, Proust. This is my second attempt at this book and each time I pick it up I am reminded why I didn’t make it through the first time. Our Marcel is such a whiny social-climbing wanker that he makes me want to slap him. Hard. A lot. Plus he is a stalker and uses people. And while Proust is a beautiful writer, sometimes his descriptions that start off lovely go on far too long and I find myself yelling at him to hurry up and move on. Nonetheless, I am determined to finish the book. It just might be a long and painful process.
  • Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss. Bookman has been raving about this one to me for forever so I finally started it last month. It’s getting a slow read since it is my work/commute book and I have been on vacation for almost two weeks. I will be returning to it when I return to work on Monday.
  • Ancillary Justice by Ann Leckie. I’ve heard so many good things about this book and the sequel just came out so why not? I am really liking it so far even though I am less than fifty pages in. What I like best is that there is not much in the way of gender distinction, the language and culture in the world of the book doesn’t have it and so the story has everyone being called “she” no matter their biology. It’s kind of nice to read a book and have “she” be the default for a change.

There will also be some Virginia Woolf making her way into my reading pile in January. And I am going to start reading A Clockwork Orange along with Danielle. In addition, I have, gulp, four books to pick up at the library. Two of them are graphic novels, one is a gardening book and one is a nature book. We’ll see how or if I manage to actually fit them in.

Now, given all that reading and my quickly dwindling days of vacation, I had better hop to it!