Today was definitely a Monday if ever there was one. I decked myself out in green and was so excited it was St Patrick’s Day. I actually have Irish heritage so I can really claim the day. When I got on the bus with my neighbor she saw my green dress and green cardigan sweater and said, gee you should have waited to wear that tomorrow. Huh? Why? Because tomorrow is St. Patrick’s Day, she said. No, it’s today, I replied. She looked at me and started laughing. No, tomorrow, on the 17th. So far no one has come to take away my right to say kiss me I’m Irish but I wouldn’t be surprised if my license gets revoked.

Then when I got to work my default printer to which all my circulation stuff is set up to print refused to wake up from its slumbers. I print a list of books to pull from the shelves every morning to send to other libraries in my consortium and I only have a short time to get this done because I have to open the library. I am the only one at the service desk to take care of this. The printer is one of those huge multi-function monstrosities that prints, scans, faxes, copies, and lurks in the corner with a surly teenager attitude. I had to take the drastic measure of restarting it. It’s easy enough to turn it off and on, but the thing takes ten minutes, sometimes longer, to reboot and run through all its diagnostics and who knows what else.

Why not print to another printer you ask? In the glorious world of library software we have, I would have had to close down my circulation program, change my computer printer default settings, then reopen the circulation software which itself take far longer than it should to start up. So I ran around the four floors of the library doing library opening stuff, came back to the desk and the printer was up. I pressed print for my list and had two minutes to pull five books from the shelves. I sprinted upstairs and made a mad dash through the stacks, barreled back down the stairs and got the doors open just in time. Luck of the Irish or just a crazy librarian at work?

Things got better as the day progressed but there were some trying moments.

On a more bookish note, I turned in my review of The Great Detective by Zach Dundas to Library Journal yesterday. What a fun read it was! I can’t really give it a full review here, but I did mention already about the first illustration of Sherlock Holmes. The rest of the book goes apace. It’s one of those books that does many things at once and combines personal experience/fandom, biography, literary criticism, cultural criticism, and a general attitude of “what a great adventure all this is.”

It is light and entertaining, a survey with a few lingering moments of strolling in a bit deeper, but not much. If you are a Holmes fan who has done a lot of reading about the great detective then the book is not for you. However, if you, like me, have read a story or two and watched a good many movie and TV adaptations but didn’t know much about Conan Doyle or any of the inspiration behind the stories, then you will very likely enjoy the book quite a lot. Look for it at your library or local bookstore and enjoy the read!