In February I was a bit down because of the horridly frigid weather that was better suited for January. Reading anything that wasn’t page-turning or zippy was hard. Now March, March has taken a sudden turnabout from February and it feels like April. I hope this doesn’t mean that April will end up being like March, that would be too much. But the warm, well warm for Minneapolis, has been so glorious it has made me unable to sit still. I want to be up and about doing things. Reading? Reading’s for those who have nothing better to do and I have lots to do.

I know! I can’t believe I just said that about reading either! I have a serious case of spring fever. While reading helps with other kinds of fevers, it only makes spring fever worse. It also doesn’t help that I have once again found myself in the middle of a bunch of books with nothing new just begun or anything about to be finished. Such a situation tends to make me antsy anyway then add the spring fever problem to it and I’m nearly bouncing off the walls. Some of that might be from the cup of coffee I just had, but still.

So today, how about a few weird things from around the internet?

First there was dinosaur erotica (it’s a thing, look it up!), now there is Conquered by Clippy, a short story about one woman’s torrid romance with a giant paperclip. The same author has another story called “Taken by the Tetris Blocks.” What’s next? “Making out with Mario”? No, that’s too obvious, maybe “Probed by Space Invaders.” Oh this could get to be silly fun. What unlikely erotica title can you come up with?

It seems that a good many people are aghast that digital natives prefer reading in print rather than on a screen. While I read ebooks for the convenience and easy carryableness of them, print is where it’s really at. A print book is one of the most perfect technologies if you ask me. But then I doubt any of you need convincing about that!

And while we are on the subject of books, have some fun reading How to Tell If You Are In A Virginia Woolf Novel. Because even Woolf deserves to be laughed at sometimes.

Finally, nothing to do with books but music. Specifically music for your cats. I played the clip linked in the article for Waldo and Dickens and they both looked at me with panic in their eyes not sure if they should run and hide or stay and listen. They stayed but they certainly didn’t relax or look like they were enjoying the music. But then that’s cats for you. You buy them an expensive toy and they like the bag you brought it home in better. You play them music just for them and they act as though it’s nails on a chalkboard. Ungrateful beasts.