Can you believe March is over already? February always goes so slowly and then March comes and time suddenly speeds up. Or maybe it’s me that speeds up as I begin to thaw out from winter and emerge from hibernation? Yes, that seems the more likely explanation. And now we are a few days into April. Oh April is going to be such a busy reading month! But then what month isn’t a busy reading month? If you find one, let me know!

In addition to the advanced reading copies and the library book holds that have arrived for me, I am still in the midst of This Changes Everything by Naomi Klein and A Dance with Dragons by George R.R. Martin.

Martin released another chapter of the next-to-be-published book that everyone has been eagerly awaiting for a few years now and fretting over what would happen if Martin died before finishing the series. I must say I feel sorry for the man who says he has no health problems, but no one seems to believe him. It’s almost like people want him to die just so they can be right. Martin has released a couple chapters now from Winds of Winter but I have refused to read any of them. I will wait for the whole book to be published, probably next year. I suspect the chapter release is just a ploy to get fans off his back for a little while.

I’m also still reading volume three of Proust. Actually I don’t think I opened the book once in March so technically I haven’t been reading it but I have not given up on it and plan to keep going, there’s just so many other books and distractions and Proust does go on and on.

I’m also still reading the poetry of Keats as well as his letters. Is it my imagination of does Keats go from being competent to amazing in the span of just a few poems? I mean, one second he’s writing silly poems to his friends and the next he’s writing “Endymion.” Where did that come from all of a sudden?

And if that isn’t enough, I am planning on reading a book along with Danielle, a book leftover from 2013 when we were both subscribers to the New York Review of Books book-a-month fun. We both still have a couple unreads from that year and we decided to finally read one of them, The Bridge of Beyond by Simone Schwarz-Bart. I’ve heard excellent things about it and I have yet to be disappointed by a NYRB.

There’s April in a nutshell. Now with my four-day weekend beginning I should be able to — I want to say make a dent, but really it will be more like a scratch given the number of books. Nonetheless, it will be fun to see how far I can get!