Here we are in May already and as I sit down to think about my reading plans for the month I find myself keeling over in laughing hysterics. Plan? Oh that’s rich. I ask myself all innocent like, Self, what’s going on? And Self says, there ain’t gonna be no reading plan sweetheart. In case you haven’t noticed, you’ve been trying to cram in all kinds of activities into days where there just aren’t enough hours. But Self, I protest, I can do this. And then I find myself hysterically laughing on the floor again.

It’s not that I don’t plan on reading anything, goodness, I am still reading, but instead of dark evenings and cold weekends under a quilt reading for hours, reading has become more like something I do as a linking activity between activities. Reading on the train then at lunch then on the train again and then before bed. On weekends it is reading in order to rest after being in the garden or on the bike; there are no long hours of just reading right now. Once the summer heat and humidity arrive in a month or so then there will be slow days again but until then sitting for too long is pretty close to criminal when I’ve been sitting since last November.

Therefore making any kind of plan for May will only make me feel bad when the calendar changes to June and I see that all the books I planned on reading have not been read.

I can tell you I am still reading Keats. I am also still reading George R.R. Martin’s A Dance with Dragons. Supposedly I am also reading volume three of Proust but I didn’t open the book once during April. I am also reading The Bridge of Beyond but haven’t read far and haven’t picked it up in a couple weeks.

I am almost finished with The Folded Clock by Heidi Julavits. I am enjoying it very much. We are the same age — both of use were born in April in the same year. This is a woman I can relate to in so many ways. But she is also much weirder than I am and an extrovert. So while there is this total sympatico feeling, I’m also disturbed by how neurotic she is and know we could never be friends in real life because I’d forever be restraining myself from strangling her. But reading her “diary” is a real hoot.

What book I might pick up next is anyone’s guess. I’ll probably continue to dip in and out of the ongoing books and then concentrate on whatever library book hold request comes up next for me. Or who knows? May might turn out to be a really rainy month giving me more hours indoors to read. No plans either way. We’ll just see what happens!