It’s not a reading slump, only that there isn’t much in my reading that is sparking my interest lately. I loved Ongoingness and I am reading Notes from Walnut Tree Farm and loving that too. But the fiction, it’s not doing it for me lately. It’s not that any of the novels I am in the middle of are especially bad, I’m just not interested in them. It’s me, not them. Mostly. I have about eighty pages of Dance with Dragons (book five in the Game of Thrones series) left and thank goodness for that because between it and the TV show of it airing right now I am burnt out on it and finding it increasingly difficult to care what might happen next.

Also, I have so many other things to occupy my time right now that anything less than stellar feels precariously close to a waste of time. Why read something mediocre when I could be out working in my garden? Why read a novel with a plodding pace when I could be zipping down a bike path on Astrid? Maybe I am just grumpy this evening because it is windy out and my allergies are bothering me and as a result I am not going on my first real group bike ride and will have to wait until next Wednesday to join.

Whatever the reason, I have the reading blahs. It is the second time this year, the first time was in January/February. I’ve gone two or three years without having the blahs and then it’s happened twice already in one year. What’s up with that?

Maybe if I’m having trouble with fiction I should just stick with nonfiction and not worry about it, just wait for my fiction slump to pass, which it will eventually. Maybe I just need to start a different novel to add something fresh to the mix? I dunno.

I got an email from the library that Lumberjanes is waiting for me to pick up. It is a graphic novel that has gotten lots of raves and looks like fun. Perhaps that will help me over the slump hump and get me back on the fiction trail? I just have to get myself to the library tomorrow or Friday. And then, well, I hope it’s as good as people have been saying it is. I’ll let you know! Until then, I suppose I will just keep going with what I’m in the middle of however unenthusiastic I am about it at the moment (wow is that ever and Eeyore thing to say!).