Since I have had my Kobo I haven’t borrowed any ebooks from the library. This evening I decided I would borrow an ebook. With my Kindle it was easy, downloads went through Amazon’s website and I never had any problems. Kobo is different, it requires all kinds of hoop jumping. I was in no mood to jump but spent forty-five minutes at it without any success.

I downloaded Overdrive and it froze my computer. But I don’t think that is what I needed. It seems I needed Adobe Digital Editions. So I downloaded that but I couldn’t get it to work because it refused to allow me to authorize it to run on my computer. Maybe because I didn’t get a special library ID for it? I have no idea. The digital borrowing instructions are terrible and fragmented and my patience was gone so I gave up.

Now I am all kinds of grumpy because I was going to read my first Jo Walton book and was really looking forward to starting it in the morning on my train ride to work. Now I won’t be. It is not my library’s fault. It is the fault of publishers for requiring so much DRM crap because they are so paranoid I might steal their books. Well you know what publishers? If I want to I could go to a file sharing website and download the book and have it on my Kobo faster and easier than your paranoid library borrowing restrictions allow.

When I am prepared to spend time figuring out the library borrowing I will. Until then I went to Project Gutenberg and downloaded a few books. All of them I want to read, but not sure I want to read them now. My fiction reading slump is still in progress. Jo Walton was going to fix it. Grr.

I will come back tomorrow and I promise I won’t be grumpy then!