I wish I could say I was out and about doing something fun last night so blogging took a backseat, but alas, I was a bit under the weather with a mystery illness that left me exhausted. I feel a bit beat up today but otherwise fine so hopefully it was just a passing indisposition.

Of course, when not feeling well we reach for something comforting and in my case it was books. First I tried Molecular Red by McKenzie Wark. It is a heady theory kind of book that is interesting but not good reading when one feels as though she has been run over.

So then I tried When Mystical Creatures Attack! by Kathleen Founds. This is a collection of darkly funny linked short stories. It is a delightful book but the darkness did not sit right.

Then I turned to Jo Walton. I managed to get a copy of Among Others on my Kobo and have been reading it on my commute. I like it very much and just the other day I was thinking how it is like her book What Makes This Book So Great only incorporated into a fiction story. Because the narrator of Among Others loves science fiction and fantasy and talks about why this book is good and how and she doesn’t like that author and I can’t help but notice many of the same titles pop up in What Makes This Book So Great. Since Bookman bought me that book when I was down with a very bad cold a year or two ago and it served as great “chicken soup,” I thought Among Others might also serve. So I retrieved my Kobo from my work bag and settled in and yes indeed, it was perfect. I read it for perhaps an hour before I was completely out of energy and went to sleep.

Other books in progress that I will be reading this month include more Keats poetry, more Keats letters and more Keats biography. Maybe I will get back to Proust. But then again, inertia might be too hard to overcome. Still, I have a week’s vacation later this month and I am not going anywhere and should the weather be too hot or too rainy so that I am kept from the garden and my bike, well, Proust might get some attention. It could happen!

I am still reading The Art of Daring as well. I want to gobble this book up but am forcing myself to read it slowly because it is so rich and yummy.

I’ve got two books from publishers that I received at the end of April and should have been done with already but haven’t quite managed because neither has been really wowing me. Still, I read on because I feel kind of obligated. One is Matthew Pearl’s The Last Bookaneer. How can a book about book pirates not be exciting? I mostly read it before bed and my eyes start to grow heavy within minutes and it is a constant struggle to not fall asleep. The other book, The Architect’s Apprentice by Elif Shafak is a bit more promising though I am having a hard time getting into it.

When all else fails there is Notes From Walnut Tree Farm by Roger Deakin. The book is made up of diary excerpts and I had planned to read only a month at a time over the course of the year but that has not happened. I start reading and can’t stop and now I am reading October’s entries. Better that I don’t want to put it down than that I don’t want to pick it up, right?

There are the books in progress for June. I will very likely wiggle in one or two more books during the month; I will need a new book to read on my Kobo. I’m thinking of browsing NetGalley to see if there is anything especially appealing there. If not, it might be time for a good old classic, perhaps Henry James, Edith Wharton, or E.M. Forster. Just thinking of all the possibilities is half the fun.