cover artI was very much looking forward to the second volume of Lumberjanes having enjoyed the first one so much. I didn’t love the first one but I quite liked it and was hoping volume two would see the story hitting its stride and really doing something. But instead it just got really weird.

At first it seemed like Rosie, the tattooed and somewhat mysterious owner of the camp would get more story time as she goes off with her axe and leaves counselor Jen in charge. Jen wants to make sure everyone stays safe and isn’t all that confident she can manage it so she keeps all the girls in camp making friendship bracelets. But trouble does not take long to find Jo, April, Mal, Molly and Ripley. Molly needs to go to the outhouse and when she arrived there is an out of order sign on the door. She opens the door anyway and out burst three — velociraptors? Through teamwork and ingenuity the girls are able to neutralize the dinosaurs and save the day.

Rosie returns with some kind of mysterious crystal and doesn’t blink when she learns about what happened. The crystal of course turns out to be important later.

There is a rousing game of capture-the-flag. Jo might be some kind of alien or something. She has a magical amulet she buries in the woods that turns out to be important for later. Of course.

Then everything gets really weird as we learn that fellow camper Diane is really Diana/Artemis and she is in a race against her brother Apollo who has the boys’ camp in his thrall to put together all these artifacts in order to be gifted with all kinds of power from Zeus.

The friends of course save the day and Jo is not an alien and the best thing about this story was Bubbles the raccoon.

It was all very disappointing. I am not certain I will read volume three if there is going to be one. The art remains marvelous but the story just had too many elements to it that seemed to be there just to add some craziness. And while I am all for craziness, craziness for its own sake just doesn’t do it for me. Oh well.