It turned out to be one of those crazy busy weekends when you go from one thing to another with hardly any break in between. From a restless sleep because of restless cats, Saturday morning went from a hearty oatmeal breakfast to the bike trainer where I spent a little over four hours riding 80 miles/129 km. Yes, yes I was tired afterwards. And hungry. Did some cool down stretching then had lunch then spent time looking at my new thesaurus (more on that tomorrow), then did some other stuff that is kind of blurry because I was getting sleepy. So I had some coffee and a scone. Then I tried reading a little but my eyes were still getting droopy and may have closed once or twice. And before I knew it, Bookman was home from work and I think we might have watched a TV show on the computer after dinner and then crawled into bed and read.

Today there were chores and errands and writing holiday cards and playing with red wiggler worms in the worm bin and helping Bookman do organizing things in the kitchen. The day flew by! I was going to spend some time writing about climate change stuff to post about today but here it is after dinner and I have other things to get done before calling it a day.

A whirlwind of a weekend! I am glad these don’t happen very often I don’t think my sanity would stay around long without some time to do not much of anything.

Oh, and in case you are wondering about that essay site I mentioned a couple weeks ago, I am working on it and hope to launch it in January, a New Year’s endeavor. So if you have an essay or are thinking of writing one and are interested in sharing on the essay site, perhaps the holidays will afford you some time to write or provide some great essay material.

I hope you all had a good weekend!