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So Stef, it’s day four of 2016, how’s that New Year’s goal to read all the books on your reading table going?


Anybody there?

Hunh? Oh, are you talking to me? I’m sorry, what did you say?

Your 2016 project to Read the Table, have you started on it yet?


Fine. If you must know I haven’t picked up any of the books yet and actually added three more to the table today. The books came from the library, I cannot be faulted for adding library books to the table.


Stop it! Stop looking at me like that! Now I know how Bookman feels when I raise a single eyebrow at him.

Don’t you want to know what books I added to the table from the library? C’mon, you know you do.


Great! So there is Nimona, a graphic novel by Noelle Stevenson I have been waiting my turn for since October. There is A Timbered Choir, a poetry book by Wendell Berry. This is part of a kind of project for the year with my friend Cath. We share poems through the mail and this year we have decided to focus on reading poets who are currently writing who we have not read before and whose poetry focuses on nature. I’ve been wanting to read Berry’s poetry for ages so now seemed like a good time. The other book is called Toolbox for Sustainable City Living. I have no idea when I requested this or where I came across it so I would know to request it, but there it is. Good books. And because they are library books they won’t be around long. Once I get through them I’ll start working on the books that are on the table.

Is that right?

Hey! What’s that saying about stones and glass houses?

Yeah, thought so.