Let’s just get right to the Dashwoods, shall we? Turn up your volume so you can hear them peep.

I’ve been taking a little time to figure out who is who and I think I’ve got it. So, the little brown one with the chipmunk stripes is Marianne (Americauna). The reddish-brown one is Elinor (Rhode Island Red). The bigger black one with the white smudge on her head is Mrs. Dashwood (Australorp). The little black one with the white chin and tummy is Margaret (Barred Rock).

They eat a lot. They poop a lot. They sleep a lot. They peep peep a lot. They are cute a lot.

I am glad we were warned how fast they can fall asleep because the evening we brought them home they were all gathered round the feeder and Margaret began swaying and then took a nose dive into the food and just lay there until one of the others stepped on her and woke her up.

Mrs. Dashwood is quite protective and will charge the little scooper I use to scoop out dirty litter. She also charges the side of the box and tries to jump out. We are in the process of making the sides of the box taller. They are already noticeably larger than when we brought them home and the feathers on their wings actually look like feathers instead of fluff. This is all since Thursday.

My babies are growing up so fast!

I visit them every few hours and talk to them and traumatize them by picking each one up in turn and holding her cupped in my hands against my chest. I’ll pick up Mrs. D and she will peep like she is being murdered. I’ll hold her against me and she will calm down. I don’t hold her long, then I put her back in and she runs to the other three and tells them what happened. Then I will scoop up Elinor and she will peep like she is being murdered. I’ll hold her a little bit and put her back in the box and she will run to the other three and tell them of the horrors she just experienced. Marianne and Margaret both do the same thing. And then they forget about their trauma and wander around peeping and eating and pooping.

The cats know something is up but they have not seen the Dashwoods. They sit outside the closed door to the room where the chicks are and make upset meows, not because they want the chicks, but because they can hear me in the room talking and I am not talking to them. When I am not in the closed room with the girls, the cats could not care less about what is behind the door.

Barton Cottage has a floor

Barton Cottage has a floor

Today has been a beautiful day and Bookman and I spent part of it outdoors working on Barton Cottage which now has a floor. The pink stuff in the middle of the sandwich is insulation. On top of the plywood we will be installing linoleum for ease of cleaning.

Our next step is to put up the plywood roof before we get going on the walls. That way if it rains any time before the walls are finished, no water will get down into the wall insulation. That’s the idea anyway.

The Dashwoods are as cute as can be and I am so happy to have them. I knew they would grow fast but I didn’t realize how fast. They are still pretty fluffy but I don’t think that will last very long at all. I will do another video next week. Stay tuned…