What a busy weekend and it isn’t quite done yet!

Fine tuning

Fine tuning

You all want the Dashwood update first I suspect. They are now just over three weeks old. I have not frightened them with any more broccoli. I gave them a piece of kale and they got so excited because it looked like lettuce to them until they tasted it. The collective indifference that followed was damning and I was glad they could not talk.

I had heard chickens love dandelions and it turns out they do. Still, they love it slightly less than lettuce which remains their very favorite thing. So today I filmed a lettuce frenzy for you. Sorry for the wonky camera work, it isn’t easy holding the camera and offering lettuce at the same time. The black one with the white specks in her feathers is Mrs. Dashwood. The dark red/brown one is Elinor. The other black one is Margaret. The light tan with the darker flecks is Marianne.

They know I am the bringer of lettuce and every time I walk in to say hi they all come running over to see if I have a treat for them. If they see a green leaf descending they get so excited. If there is nothing on offer their disappointment is obvious. They will follow my hand around looking for a treat and eventually give up.

One day during the week they had a little game as I was cleaning up their litter. As I moved my hand with the scooper they each took turns running and leaping over it. Back and forth, back and forth. I am not sure who won, but judging from the flapping and excited peeping they were all having a grand time.

Earlier today Bookman took the top off the brooder to do a bit of cleaning and Elinor flapped up to the edge of the brooder and actually had balance enough to sit there and look around a second before Bookman gave her a gentle nudge back into the brooder.

They have more feathers than fluff now and it seems they are noticeably larger nearly every day. They are so much fun.

Barton cottage is coming along. It has a second wall. This one has a window in it. It was much easier

Bush cherry blooms

Bush cherry blooms

to do than the first wall though we still ran into a few snags. When we measured for the inside wall we neglected to take into account the rafters. So then we had to cut out notches. But then we couldn’t get the piece to fit into the corner next to the wall we did last week so we had some fine tuning to do there. But we got it up. The window isn’t set in yet because we have a little fine tuning to do there before it will sit in the wall correctly. Our neighbors across the alley came over to chat on their way out somewhere and we commented we had no idea what we were doing but they told us it sure looked like we did. Compliment! We also promised them some eggs and they mentioned they were thinking about chickens but thought it would be too much work. We told them not at all. So who knows, perhaps next year they will have chickens too.

Spreading chicken love throughout the neighborhood we are.

In the garden the black currant is blooming as are the bush cherries. We’ve had the bush cherries for going on three years now and they are large enough it looks like we might get enough fruit on them this summer to make picking and pitting them worthwhile. We are buying an actual cherry tree at the big plant sale in two weeks but one can never have too many cherries in my opinion!

New tattoo

New tattoo

In other news, I got my new tattoo yesterday! The finished design is different than how I had originally imagined it but that is to be expected since what I imagined would not have looked that great in reality. That is what a good tattoo artist helps you figure out.

It only took an hour and a half. I had forgotten how much line work hurts and yeah, the top of my shoulder and the back of my arm stung like heck. But it was all good and I am so happy with the results.

In fact I have an appointment for another tattoo in October. This one will be on my right calf and will be bicycle related. She’s going to do me a bouquet of bicycle chainring “flowers.” My artist happens to be a cyclist too, doesn’t own a car but bikes everywhere. So October, after all my bike races, when I don’t have to worry about it getting dirty while it heals. Can’t wait!