I read an article yesterday that was linked in a library newsletter about Amazon book reviews. I was drawn in because of the title How Amazon’s Team of Old-school Book Reviewers Influence What We Read. I thought it was going to be about the book reviews written by Amazon users so I was surprised to learn that Amazon actually has a small team of honest to goodness professional reviewers. They write for and manage Omnivoracious, the Amazon Book Review.


I have never heard of this. Granted, I am not a fan of Amazon and do not buy books from them (I admit I have bought other things like vegan protein powders because they were half the price than at the food co-op where I shop). So maybe this is something everyone knows about except me? I don’t recall ever seeing anyone mention it on a blog but that doesn’t necessarily mean anything.

Of course I had to check it out.

It’s a well done site, I don’t know why I was surprised by that. However, I was not surprised by the books featured. They tend to be the popular stuff rather than the edgy, controverserial or especially literary (but there is a smattering of the literary). And that’s ok. Not every book review needs to be the New York Review of Books.

The site was launched in 2007 and Sara Nelson will soon be leaving her position as managing editor. Perhaps some of you might be eligible to fill the soon to be vacant position?

I am running a bit low on energy this evening as we are at the start of a 3-day heatwave. There is an excessive heat warning in effect through Friday. The air is so thick with humidity I wish I had gills. I am lucky to have air conditioning but it still wears a person down. We are putting ice cubes in the Daswoods’ water and giving them frozen treats — sweet corn, cucumber, melon — to help them keep cool. They even have two little “swimming pools” that caused a major freak out this morning because, oh my gosh, something new! I’ll tell you more of that story on the weekend.

All that to explain why my brain is a little saggy, the post a little short and if I don’t post anything else for a few days it’s because I am busy sweating and drinking copious amounts of ice water. If you live in a hot climate, go ahead and laugh, just remember come winter when you complain about being cold and temperatures aren’t even close to freezing, I get to laugh at you.