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That is the wail I made the other day after I finished reading volume five of Saga and went to my library’s webiste to request volume six. I discovered there is a waitlist 134 people long. What? Volume six was just published this year. What?

I’ve been happily motoring along through the Saga series believing the story complete and all the volumes published. For some reason I thought there were 12 and I was pleased as punch that I had waited so long to jump on the Saga bandwagon that I could just read them all from beginning to end. Thus the wailing when I discovered my mistake!

I am going to have to wait several weeks, maybe even more than a month in order to read volume six and then after that, who knows how long I will have to wait? I am so very much enjoying the story and the artwork I can’t impart how disappointed I am that I have caught up, that the story is not complete after all.

It’s not like I don’t have anything else to read, but you know I was digging my every other week dose of Saga this summer. Now what I am going to do? I see I am not completely caught up with Ms. Marvel so I requested volume three, but it won’t take long to reach the end of that one either.


You comics/graphic stories readers out there, what other series can I latch onto that will fill the void of waiting for the next volume of Saga?