There is hope for getting through our TBR piles yet! Have you seen the article today in Smithsonian? It reports on a new study that appeared in the Social Science and Medicine Journal that suggests people who read books have a “survival advantage” over those who don’t read books.

No, it is not because we learn all kinds of nifty skills from our reading. Aging adults who read live an average of 23 months longer than those who don’t and the more you read, the longer your lifespan is likely to be. Those who prefer reading newspapers and magazines get a lifespan boost too but not as much as book readers.

The study only shows an association between reading and longevity though, there is no actual proof that the one affects the other. That does not keep researchers from suggesting it might be the deep mental engagement books require that does the trick. But it is only speculation.

Still, it is encouraging, yes? We might get through those TBR piles yet! That is as long as we don’t add anymore books to them and we all know that’s ain’t gonna happen!