There are so many ways to recommend books — tell me your favorite book or author, favorite genre, a topic of interest, astrological sign, favorite color, pairing books and food or drinks, geographical regions. Recommenders get creative and will go as wild as readers are willing to venture. It was with great delight that I read an article about librarians in Portland, Orgeon who are recommending books based on their patrons’ tattoos. How fun is that?

Show the librarian a tattoo, or tweet them a photo, and they will match a book to your tat. They have gotten a great response. It’s no wonder. What a fun way to suggest a book and find a potentially new favorite read. I would totally do it if my library tried it out.

I don’t recall ever having given or received a book recommendation in any especially creative way. The closest I got was a year’s subscription to the New York Review of Books Classics. They send you one book a month and I liked them all. I actually have three more to read from that subscription but I am confident I will like them. I would do it again but in order to avoid the accumulation of unread books, I will not allow myself another year until I finish the first one. And it has been a couple years now that I have been promising myself to read those final books. They are actually on my reading table that has found some extra library books on it recently and has Bookman cracking jokes about load bearing capacities as I admonish him not to bump the table for fear of a bookslide that might bury one of the cats.

Clearly I have no problem finding books to read but something like the Portland librarians are doing could provide an opportunity for a reader to take a chance on something outside their usual choices. What about you? Have you been the recipient of some creative book recommendations? Or perhaps you have been on the suggesting side of the equation? Do tell!