Comics, comics, ten years ago I never would have thought I would like them so much; they were for kids and grown-ups just didn’t read them — at least not serious grown-ups. Ha! Times have changed! I am now done with volume four of Ms. Marvel. There is one more volume out and because it is the most recent, it has many hold requests. So now I am in line for my turn. But that’s ok. Whereas volume three felt kind of scattered and going nowhere, volume four was loads of fun. Our hero Kamala — Ms. Marvel — gets to save New Jersey from Bad Things with her grown-up namesake Ms Marvel.

But the story is about more than saving people, it is about making choices. You might not be able to change the fate of the world, but you still have choices, you get to decide your own fate, and you get to decide whether to help others or hurt others, to do good or bad, to give up or keep trying. It sounds kind of cliche and goofy, but whee, I love this stuff!

I also finished volume two of The Unwritten. It is yummy and since the story is all about stories, it is filled to the brim with literary references. There is even a Don Quixote moment that filled me with glee. That part of the story was not happy, but the DQ echoes were so satisfying. What, you ask, was the reference? It has to do with stories making you sick because they become more real than real life. But the interesting case with The Unwritten is that the boundaries between stories and real life are fluid and one is never sure which is what as the narrative progresses. Fun!

I have requested volume three and there is no holds queue for it so I should have it soon. I also have a request in for Monstress but that one turns out to be quite popular at the moment and I am number 60 in line for it. As for the next issue of Saga, I am still waiting my turn but have reached number 63. Woo!

While I have your attention, have you heard about the free ebook the University of Chicago Press gives away every month? I’ve been following their frees books for about a year now and they have always been nonfiction so you if you are nonfiction junkie, get on their email list! The one this month is really good, Hope on Earth: A Conversation. Go check it out!