As Mondays go this has not been a bad one but Monday is still Monday even if it goes well. I didn’t sleep all that great last night because Bookman spent several hours getting more tattoo. I will have to post a photo once it has healed up a bit. He has one more appointment in another month to finish it off if possible. The work he had done Sunday was on the inside of his arm including the crook of his elbow. Very painful. The artist even put a topical anesthetic on to help it not hurt so much.

I finished Susan Faludi’s In the Darkroom last night. I need to let it percolate a bit before I write about it. I can say, however, that I really liked it.

In the case of everything else that I am reading, I am in The Middles. I usually get a bit antsy and feel stuck while in The Middles, but this time around it’s okay. I think it is because a few of the books are moving along at a good clip and I will likely be finishing them in a few days or by the end of the week. The hard part at the moment is keeping myself from requesting gobs of books from the library. That’s one of the things The Middles does to me, makes me want to start a bunch of books all at once for the excitement of something new. Trouble is, before long I am in The Middles with those too and not much closer to the end with anything.

I am about three-quarters of the way through with The Talented Mr. Ripley. I am enjoying it immensely. I like how Tom so seamlessly went from being a quiet, slouchy slacker sort of person to full-out sociopath. I am also almost done with volume three of The Unwritten. I like how there are two pieces of story in each volume, the main one and then at the end a related one. I am reading the second story and it is told in a choose your own adventure format. I haven’t read one of those since I was a kid and I am being reminded how much fun they are. I used to go searching ahead through the options to figure out which story was going to lead to the best ending.

And then there are all the other books I have mentioned before that have seen slow progress. It’s a good thing cold weather is on the horizon. I need some excuses to stay indoors and read!