Boy oh boy, the winds of October are blowing even though today felt like it could have been June. It is disorienting when the trees and sunlight say October but the temperature says summer. We are promised more seasonal weather by the weekend which is good because I want hot chocolate while I snuggle in and read!

And what might I be reading? I had another book deluge just as I was feeling like I was getting somewhere. It’s like there is a book ocean and the tide goes out and then is comes back in. I should just start thinking of the times I feel like things are under control as low tide and expect that very soon the tide will be rushing back in.

The library is the moon that controls the tides, at least in my world. Because, you know, holds I placed in July and August are now all arriving at the same freaking time! I am rushing through Underground Railroad by Colson Whitehead. It’s good but at the same time I am not being wowed and I expected wow. That means I am struggling to adjust my expectations and not be disappointed. I have only had moderate success so far. I am about halfway through the book so there is still time for things to turn around.

I also have Dark Matter by Blake Crouch. It is a science fiction thriller. How’s that for a genre combination? An average physics professor gets knocked unconscious by a masked person and when he wakes up the world is completely different than the one he had been living in. His wife is the same woman but not the same. He is now a famous, well respected physics professor. And all sorts of other alternate reality things. What’s a person to do? I have not started this one yet. It will get shoved in after Underground Railroad.

I am not quite halfway through The Sundial by Shirley Jackson and is it ever a hoot! Sarcasm flies off nearly every page and I laugh and laugh.

I am also trying to read The Men We Reaped by Jesmyn Ward for the Social Justice Book Club but have not yet been able to start it.

On top of all this are several books I have had on the go for a while and in the mail Friday came a book from Library Journal to review by October 10th. This one is a biography of Betty MacDonald author of The Egg and I and the Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle books.

I am sure I have other books piled around that have completely escaped my memory because I am denying their existence at the moment in order to hold on to a small shred of sanity.

I am very much looking forward to low tide again.