I am having a hard time wrapping my head around what has happened with this election. Donald Trump will take office in January and Congress will be Republican in both houses. The only reason I have stopped crying is because I have run out of tears. As soon as the pool fills back up I am in danger of them spilling out again.

I am grief stricken and terrified and angry. I will be living — am surprised to find I am living — in a country that hates me as a woman, a country that hates the people I love most, a country that hates pretty much everything I value from basic rights to the environment to what it means to be a decent human being in the world.

All I can hope is that there are enough people who feel the way I do and that somehow, someway, we can find a way to keep the next four years from being the disaster that we fear it will be. As Hillary said, we are stronger together. And after we are done crying we’ll pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, join hands and keep working to build a country and a world where love trumps hate.