How did we get to be halfway through December already? It’s crazy, just crazy. I am ready for my holiday vacation, that’s for sure! We are expecting as much as 10 inches/25 cm of snow between tonight and noonish on Saturday. It remains arctic here so the snow will be light and fluffy and easier to shovel.

I have a huge pile of books that just now fell over on top of Waldo. Everyone is okay but Waldo is giving me the evil eye. Cats are so good at that. I have the Solstice menu planned for next week, the one day a year I cook. You’ll just have to wait for the reveal on that one but dessert is a vegan cheesecake. And after an email newsletter from the urban farm store that supplies us all things chicken, I am considering adding some lovely metal art to the Dashwood’s abode:


The books that tumbled onto Waldo are mostly all about neoliberalism and economics for some joyful holiday reading *snerk*. Thanks to everyone who made suggestions. Here is what I have piled up:

So there they all are. I am going to start with the Very Short Introduction for a whirlwind tour of the basics. Then I think I will go for the graphic book and then figure out what’s next after that.