I feel like a poem tonight, how about you?

Have you ever read Hafiz before? If not you are so missing out. He is a Persian poet and Sufi who wrote in the 14th century. His poetry is wise, funny, and full of love and compassion, also rather sexy. I have read The Gift and love to revisit it by dipping in from time to time, randomly opening the book and reading. I never fail to find a poem that speaks to me in some way or another.

Today I went looking for love and here is what Hafiz gave me:

The Ambience of Love

We all
Sit in His Orchestra,
Some play their

Some wield their

Tonight is worthy of music.

Let’s get loose

Let’s drown in the delicious
Ambience of

Yes! Yes! Let’s get loose with Compassion and drown in delicious Love!